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We are an extension of your Supply Chain - however large or small.  We have been enabling businesses to grow for the past 60 years.  We sell flat-packed boxes by pallet or individually.  

Are you a budding internet entrepreneur? Talk to us about special-size boxes - we'll see if we can source them for you.  Postage rates vary by parcel size and weight (UK and International)

Art project? Hobby or craft? Buy the right carton and packing.  Teaching? Hosting a 'cardboard' drive-in movie for the kids? Are you a student moving to new accomodation, or planning a "robot fancy-dress" party? Scroll down for more ideas...

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Medium-size enterprise? We service businesses that have large inventory and require 1000's of boxes per week. 

We deliver within a 50-mile radius of our Warehouse: Our local drivers know the local area very well - we'll find you!

Our boxes are not suitable for storing live pets, however, the boxes make great toys or playthings for children (or pets!).